ME – TN – NC

The past two weeks, I have been traveling all over the east coast with my dearest friends and family. I’ve seen Mount Katahdin all the way up in Maine and I’ve seen the total eclipse all the way down in North Carolina. Instead of individually having a separate post for each trip I decided to put em’ all together in one massive blog post. Hopefully I captured just a glimpse of all the beauty I witnessed in these three states. Here are all the highlights from Maine, Tennessee and North Carolina. Enjoy 🙂 IMG_0874IMG_0873IMG_0880IMG_0910IMG_0914IMG_0942IMG_0920IMG_0976IMG_0995IMG_0999IMG_1050IMG_1100IMG_1007IMG_1069IMG_1016IMG_1129IMG_1136IMG_1160IMG_1168IMG_1176IMG_1193IMG_1197IMG_1258IMG_1214IMG_1226IMG_1278IMG_1303IMG_9720IMG_9751IMG_9775IMG_9830IMG_9851IMG_9857IMG_9879IMG_0327IMG_0328IMG_0386IMG_0203IMG_0227IMG_0099IMG_0319IMG_0314IMG_0415IMG_0410IMG_0434IMG_0440IMG_0534IMG_0648IMG_0665IMG_0705IMG_0710IMG_0742IMG_0731IMG_0751IMG_0753IMG_0761IMG_0755IMG_0770IMG_0773IMG_0787IMG_0790IMG_0792IMG_0811IMG_0800IMG_0812IMG_0816IMG_0821IMG_0829IMG_0825IMG_0841IMG_0851IMG_9971IMG_9993IMG_0033IMG_0053IMG_0042IMG_0060IMG_0081IMG_9905


One thought on “ME – TN – NC

  1. Wow, your pictures are amazing!! It is so fun as my own little E girl is quite the photographer with my DSLR. She has a great eye for composition even at age 9. Maybe she will follow in your footsteps?

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